Current Issue

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2021

Vol. 11, No. 1, June 2021


1. Amalgamation Policy Revisited: Three British Proposals towards the Indo-Burma Frontier ~ Pum Khan Pau

2. Reading ‘Colonial’ and ‘Post-Colonial’ methodologies on Land Perspective from hill tribes of Manipur ~ Somingam PS

3. Impact of Citizenship Amendment ACT 2019 on Tribal Rights and Autonomy in Tripura ~ Pratyush Bibhakar

4. Intersectionality and Resistance: A Sociological Study of Women Inmates in the Central Prisons of Assam ~Dwijiri Ramchiary

5. Dynamics Of Land Use And Trends Of Agriculture In Sikkim  ~ Anjuli Gurung and Abdul Hannan

Book Review

Development Aggression Rethinking India’s Neoliberal Development in Manipur by Jiten Yumnam ~ Reviewed by Khullakpham Ruqaiya

Volume 10, No. 2, 2020


1. Re-theorizing livelihoods: Impacts of floods and traditional adaptation practices in Majuli, Assam ~ Bikash Chetry

2. Personhood in Naga Culture ~ Kekhrongu-u Dazo

3. Community, Trust and Belonging: Reflections from a Periodic Market in Assam ~ Pratisha Borborah

4. Aquaculture Development in Meghalaya: A Critical Evaluation of MSAM in West Khasi Hills ~ Renuka Paul

Book Review

5. Erik de Maaker and Meenal Tula (Eds.), Unequal Land Relations in North East India: Custom, Gender and the Market, Guwahati: NESRC, 2020. Reviewed by Bankerlang Kharmylliem