Educational Development among the Scheduled Tribes of Manipur

By Marchang Reimeingam

Education among the Scheduled Tribes of Manipur, predominantly dwelling in the hills, has substantially developed in terms of literacy rates and educated persons between1991 to 2001. Yet, females are lacking behind in it. However, the gap of literacy rates has narrowed down. The share of the educated has increased crossing a quarter of the literates for all Scheduled Tribes. The proportion of student was larger in urban than rural areas. Males and females get similar opportunity in studies. More than nine-tenth of the population lives in rural areas resulting to a similar share of population studying in rural areas. Close to nine-tenth of the share of rural students were in school institutions and the rest in college and others. Tendency for higher educational pursuit is higher among the urban dwellers. About two-tenth of the urban students were in college and others.

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