Urban Development and Developing Society: A Case Study of Guwahati City

By Purobi Sharma

The urbanisation process in Guwahati, in which population concentration, land expansion, emerging site and situation have gradually created a formidable urban centre. This paper highlights the question of planned urban development in Guwahati which reflects the urbanisation pattern of the whole region. As a prime city it needs proper urban perspective for economic development of the entire region. The management pattern is highly confusing and ad-hoc and entirely dependent on the will and the interest of the State and National Government. The sporadic development programmes simply reveal a situation of utilisation of funds sponsored by the Government. An attempt has been made to discuss land development pattern which in turn reflects the nature of public policy towards growing urbanisation in a backward economy. It is highlighted that the economic status of the city, as a high revenue earning seat for the Government, deserves promoted urban management. The perspective of growth of vital urban leadership at the city level is part of it.

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