Social Problems among the Adolescents of Manipur:
Role of Parents and Teachers

By Khangembam Indira

Adolescents constitute more than one-fifth of the world’s population. India is home to more than 22.5 crore adolescents, the largest ever cohort of young people to make a transition to adulthood. Available evidence suggests that they are also often viewed as a vulnerable group of people with problems, disturbances and rebellion. Therefore, addressing the main problems faced by this segment of the population and improving the quality of life of the adolescents is imperative. The paper discusses the major problems faced by the adolescents in the Indian state of Manipur. The study attempts to highlight three prominent social problems viz., alcoholism, drug abuse and insurgency faced by the adolescents of Manipur and also discusses the role of parents and teachers in addressing these problems. I argue that the main problems facing the state of Manipur can be addressed to a significant extent by attending to the needs of the adolescent population of the state.

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