In Search of Diverse Prospects of Existence in a New

By Nikita Banati

Migration is not a new phenomenon. It has been happening since time immemorial. Northeast India is a region extremely rich in natural resources, but still remains relatively less developed as compared to other parts of the country in all fields including education, health, infrastructure, etc. This article discusses the various push and pull factors which lead to the migration of young people from Northeast India to Delhi and map the issues of coexistence confronted by them in Delhi. It also looks into the myriad experiences of migrants from the northeast region in Delhi and the perceptions of the host population about the migrants. Often people’s decision of migrating from Northeast India to Delhi in search of better higher education, infrastructure and job opportunities, which are reasonably lacking in the Northeast region, is a conscious one. It is not an unknown fact that discrimination exists in Delhi. There are various challenges that people from Northeast India face in Delhi, discrimination being one of the most common one. There is a major difference in culture which makes it harder for people from Northeast India to adjust in Delhi.

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