Comparative Evaluation of Nutritive Value of Some
Fruits Available in North-East India

By Saikat Sen, Timai Passah, Kitboklang Thubru and Raja Chakraborty

North East India is endowed with affluent genetic diversity of plant sources. The present work is undertaken to investigate the nutritive value of some common and less common fruits available in North-East India. Nutrition value of five fruits namely Malus domestica (apple), Pyrus communis (pear), Emblica officinalis (Indian goose berry), Docynia indica (crab apple), Rhus semialata (Chinese gall) were evaluated. Results showed that Chinese gall has highest nutrition value (446 cal/100g) followed by Indian goose berry, pear, crab apple and apple. Chinese gall and crab apple usually uncommon and only confined to the remote and rural areas of North East region of India. The study concluded that the fruits like Chinese galls, crab apple are the very rich source of nutrition and these fruits can be the alternative of costly fruits like apple, pear available in market to meet the nutritional demand of individual in lower socioeconomic region. Cultivation of such fruits also could beneficial for economic growth of individual and region.

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