Volume 13, 2023

Vol. 13, No. 1, 2023


1. Understanding the Income Tax Exemption for Sikkimese – Satyabrat Sinha


2. Patient-Provider Relationship in Cancer Care: Insights from a Study in two North-Eastern States of India – Kuru Dindi and Anil Kumar K

3. Work and Livelihood of Northeast Migrants in Delhi: An Empirical Study – Khansemphi KK Raleng

4. Living a Flooded Life: Women, City and Community in North East India’s Dibrugarh – Evy Mehzabeen

5. The Politics of Coal Mining in Meghalaya: Land, Ownership and Local Autonomy – Teiborlang T. Kharsyntiew

6. Identity and Violence: Exploring an Ethical Framework for Peace in the Context of the Indo-Naga Conflict – Venusa Tinyi

Book Review

7. Jelle J.P. Wouters (Ed.). Vernacular Politics in NortheastIndia: Democracy, Ethnicity, and Indigeneity. OxfordUniversity Press, India, 2022, reviewed by Tanaya Hazarika

Volume 1

Vol. 1, No. 1, July-December 2011

Research Papers

1. Women Empowerment and Self Help Group: An Analytical study of Constraints in Karbi Anglong District of Assam – Sanjay Kanti Das

2. Belief in Malevolent Spirit “Inn-Kaose” in Traditional Religious System of Chin-Kuki: A Descriptive Analysis – Paominlen Haokip

3. Disrupted and Dislocated Livelihoods: Impacts of Khuga Dam on the Livelihoods of the Displaced People (IDPs) in Churachandpur, Manipur – S Thangboi Zou


4. Significance of Kuki Uprising – Paocha Gangte

5. Business Opportunities with special reference to Northeast India and Realigning strategies towards Look East Policy – Paotinlen Chongloi

Book Review

6. Ngamkhohao Haokip and Michael Lunminthang (eds.).The Kuki Society: Past, Present and Future.New Delhi: Maxford, 2011. Reviewed by Letminlun Khongsai

Volume 2, 2012

Vol. 2, No. 1, June 2012


1. Fabled Orissa: From Glory and Grandeur to Colonisation – Saroj Kumar Rath

2. Som: A Decaying Traditional Institution of the Thadou – Lalgin Chongloi

3. Perception of Health Care Option and Therapy Seeking Behaviour of Tangkhul Nagas – R.K. Jeermison


4. Indigenous Agriculture System of Kukis in Ukhrul District – Lh. Seitinthang

5. Stigma and Identity Construction of People Living with HIV/AIDS in Manipur – Hoineilhing Sitlhou


6. Fabled Orissa: A Critique – Brundabana Mishra


7. Re-Imagining India’s Northeast: Beyond Territory and State – Prasenjit Biswas


Vol. 2, No. 2, December 2012


1. The Lived Reality of Koms (Komrem) in Manipur: An Emerging Political Perspective – Alex Akhup

2. State Cooperative Banking in Northeast India: Financial and Operational Viability Analysis – Sanjay Kanti Das

3. Kuki Churches Unification Movements – Thongkholal Haokip

4. Issues, Responses, and Consequences: An Analysis of Persistent Imbroglio in Manipur – Raile Rocky

5. Politics of Tribe Identity with reference to the Kukis – Ngamkhohao Haokip

6. India’s Look East Policy: A Global Perspective – Roluahpuia


7. Health Awareness among the Bangrus of Arunachal Pradesh – Tame Ramya

8. Inter-district variation in socio-economic inequalities in maternal healthcare utilisation in rural Assam, 2007-08 – Aditya Singh, Saradiya Mukherjee, and Rakesh Chandra

9. Socio-Economic Status and Nature of Community Elite: A Survey – S. Thianlalmuan Ngaihte

Volume 3, 2013

Vol 3. No. 1, 2013


Long-term approach to the menace of rape in India – Thongkholal Haokip


1. Educational Development among the Scheduled Tribes of Manipur – Marchang Reimeingam

2. Culture Change among the Kuki: A Case Study of Chalva Village in Manipur – Lalgin Chongloi

3. Adaptation, Change and Continuity: The Case of the Rongmei Indigenous Religion – Andrew Lathuipou Kamei

4. State of Primary Education: Regional Experience for Northeast India – Sahidul Ahmed

5. Hills Economy of Manipur: A Structural Change – G. Hiamguanglung Gonmei

6. Maternal Anaemia, Pregnancy Complications and Birth Outcome: Evidences from North-East India – Mousumi Gogoi, Ranjan Kumar Prusty


7. Drugs, Small Arms Proliferation and its Casualties: The Tragedy of Commons in Manipur – Gou Son Lian


Vol. 3, No. 2, December 2013.


1. Levels and Trends of Infant and Child Mortality in Meghalaya: Result from Life Table and Hazard Analysis – Phrangstone Khongji

2. Witch hunting in Assam: Strategising Alternative Media for Women Empowerment and Overcoming Superstition – Joya Chakraborty and Anjuman Borah

3. Urban Development and Developing Society: A Case Study of Guwahati City – Purobi Sharma

4. An Analysis of Urban Local Self Government in the Sixth Schedule Area of Mizoram – Jangkhongam Doungel

5. Approaches to Development: A Sociological Examination – S. Parmawi Haokip

6. Nagas Role in World War II – Khrienuo

7. Pettigrew’s Children: Tracing the History of Print Culture in Tangkhul Language – A. S. Shimreiwung

8. Spatial Pattern of Literacy in Manipur – Luckyson R. Panmei

Book Review

9. Manipur and the Paradox of Security – reviewed by Teinkoo Soibam

Volume 4

Vol. 4, No. 1, July 2014

1. National Rural Health Mission in Meghalaya: A Review of Past Performance and Future Directions – B.P. Sahu and Satish Kumar

2. Social Problems among the Adolescents of Manipur: Role of Parents and Teachers – Khangembam Indira

3. Economic Growth and Development in Mizoram: A Study of Pre-Independence Era – S. Haukhanlian Mate

4. The Status and Role of Women in Mizo Society – Janet C. Lalhmingpuii, Vijanti Namchoom

5. Ritual Festival for Appeasing Ancestral Gods: A Study of Kanglei Lai-haraoba Festival of Manipur – Nganbi Chanu

6. Educated Unemployment in Sikkim: An Outcome of Educational Development – Marchang Reimeingam

7. A Critical Study of Teacher Education Programmes in Manipur – Chirom Rebika Devi

8. Rural Infrastructure Development through Community based Social Organisation: A Case Study of the Awang Sekmai village in Manipur – Doreshor Khwairakpam, R. Shankar, Mahua Mukherjee

Book Review

9. Across the Chicken Neck: Travel in Northeast India – Kekhriesituo Yhome


Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2014

Research Papers

1. Mizo Entrepreneurs: Features and Prospects – Shailaja Sanghamitra Thakur

2. Korean Wave and Korean Media Consumption in Manipur – Marchang Reimeingam

3. Uncoordinated Paradigm of Housing in the Prime City of Northeast India – Purobi Sharma

4. Revisiting the Boi System of Lushai Hills – Lalhrilmoi Hrangchal

5.  Investments in Mining in Meghalaya: Surface and Subsoil Rights, Procedures and Regulatory Framework – Shabbeer Ahmed Shaik

6. Women Empowerment and Maternal Health Care Utilisation in North-East India – Mousumi Gogoi

7. Relevance of Community Policing in Manipur – Moirangmayum Sanjeev Singh

8. International Migration and Ethnicity: The Case of Nepalis in Northeast India – Lusome Raman


9. Political Tension and Violence in Western Assam During India’s 16th Lok Sabha Election, 2014 – Bhasker Pegu

10. Role of Chiefs and their Associations in the Electoral Politics of Manipur with Special Reference to Churachandpur District in the 2007 Assembly Election – Lhungdim Bulchong Hemkhomang

11. Dimensions and Dynamics of Social Structure of the Pangals – Mohd Shakil Ahmed


12. Traditional Marriage Customs in Tribal Himachal, NW Himalaya, India – Pankaj Sharma

Volume 5

Vol. 5, No. 1, June 2015

Research Papers

1. Remembering Second World War: Memory, Politics and Deception – Jangkhomang Guite

2. Gender Bias in India’s North-Eastern Region: Its Manifestations, Causes and Consequences – Anindita Sinha

3. Problems of Insurgency: A Holistic Understanding from Manipur, India – M. Romesh Singh

4. Ethnic History and Identity of the Zo Tribes in North East India – H. Thangtungnung

5. Majoritarian and Realigning Elections in Churachandpur District, Manipur: A Study of Singat Assembly Constituency in from 1972-2007 Assembly Elections – Bulchong Lhungdim Hemkhomang

6. Understanding the History of Development of Panchayati Raj in Assam through Assam Legislative Assembly Debates, 1947 – 1960 – Sanghamitra Sarma

7. A study on implementation status of Forest Right Act, 2006 at the national and state levels and its recommendations – Abhijit Mohanty


Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2015

Research Papers

1. Korean Media: A Catalyst of Acculturation to Korean Culture in Manipur – Marchang Reimeingam

2. Human Rights and Land Acquisition: A Case Study of North Joynagar Village in Tripura – Khumtiya Debbarma

3. Fertility Trends in North-East India – P. Thongkhanthang

4. Horticulture Based Livelihood in Truipura: A Case Study of Baramura-Deutamura Hill Dwellers – Vanlalrema Kuki

5. In Search of Diverse Prospects of Existence in a New Conurbation – Nikita Banati


6. Notes on type of land ownership and indigenous agricultural methods of the Bondo Community – Abhijit Mohanty

7. Culture: A Barrier to Family Planning in the Khasi Society – Erica Kharsyntiew

Book Review

8. Being a tribal man from the North-East: Migration, Morality and Masculinity by Duncan McDuie-Ra – Hoineilhing Sitlhou

Volume 6


Vol. 6, No. 1, January – June 2016

Research Papers

1. India-Bangladesh Connectivity: Implications for India’s North East Development – Rajendra Prasad Patel

2. The Enchanted Community: Kaose and Doi (Witchcraft) Among the Kukis of Northeast India – Jangkhomang Guite

3. The Role of Oral Tradition with Special Reference to the Thadou-Kuki Society – D. Mary Kim Haokip

4. Land and Law in Manipur Circa 1891-1947 – Lalsanglen Haokip


5. Comparative Evaluation of Nutritive Value of Some Fruits Available in North-East India – Saikat Sen, Timai Passah, Kitboklang Thubru, Raja Chakraborty

Book Reviews

6. Mahmood Mamdani, Define and Rule: Native as Political Identity – Reviewed by Prashant Narang

7.  John Thomas, Evangelising the Nation: Religion and the Formation of Naga Political Identity. New Delhi: Routledge, 2016, Reviewed by Sangay Tamang


Vol. 6, No. 2, July – December 2016

Research Papers

1. A Social Construction of ‘identity’ among the Indigenous and Immigrants in Assam – Kuntala Das

2. Lacking Legitimacy? State, Civil Societies and Trust Crisis in Manipur – L. Letkhomang Haokip

3. Autonomy Demands in the Hill Areas of Manipur: Issues and Challenges – Seikhogin Haokip

4. Status of Development in Meghalaya: An Inter District Analysis – Sangeeta Dasgupta

5. From Marginalisation to Stereotypes — ‘North East India’ in Indian Media: Evidences from Focus Group Discussions in Manipur – Shipra Raj

6. North East India: A Region in an Endless Ordeal – Sarup Sinha

Book Review

7. Giorgio Agamben, State of Exception, University of Chicago Press, 2005 – Monis Ahmad

Volume 7

Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2017


The Legacy of Colonial Governmentality in Nagaland

Research Papers

1. Increasing Public Value in the Shillong Region of Meghalaya – Leon Miller

2. Spreading the Dreaded Virus: Social Dimension of HIV/AIDS in Churachandpur, Manipur – Johny Lalbiaklian

3. Wari Leeba: The Declining Storytelling Tradition of the Meiteis of Manipur and Tripura – Sukla Singha

4. Ranking of districts in North East states of India by the use of Standard of Living Index using 2001 and 2011 census – Phrangstone Khongji

5. Minorities in Japan and India: A Comparative Study of Ainu and Borok Tribals – M. Kamlianlal Zou

6. Converting the Nagas and Kukis: Missionary Representations – Ningmuanching

7. The Self Perceived Morbidity and its Determinants in North East India – Kshetrimayum Rabikan Singh

8. Human Trafficking in North East India: Patterns and Emerging Trends – Neimenuo Kengurusie

9. Mathematics Achievement of Class V students: A study of North Eastern States – Satya Bhushan & Santosh Kumar

Book Review

10. James C. Scott The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia, Yale University Press, 2009 – Reviewed by Jeemut Pratim Das


Vol. 7, No. 2, December 2017


Memories that always return

Research Papers

1. Forest Conservation and Management Practices among the Ahom rulers of Pre-Colonial Assam: An Historical Assessment – Srijani Bhattacharjee

2. Role of Women during the Anti-Foreigners’ Agitation in Assam 1979-1985 – Nabanita Sharma

3. Migration from Agricultural Land in Barpeta to Waste-land in Lucknow: A Struggle for Livelihood – Roli Misra

4. Role of the State and Traditional Institutions in Identity Formation: A Study of the Namghar in Assam – Ankita Dutta

5. Food Culture, Nutritional Status and Health-Care Accessibility of the Kukis of Manipur – Ruth Nengneilhing

6. Natural Resources and Socio-Economic Development in North East India – Mirinchonme Mahongnao, Noklenyangla and Subhash Kumar

Book Review

7. Hira Moni Deka, Politics of Identity and the Bodo Movement in Assam. New Delhi: Scholar World, 2014 – Reviewed by Anup Das

Volume 8

Vol. 8, No. 1, June 2018

Research Papers

1. Urban water governance: Examining the role of traditional institutions in Shillong, Meghalaya – Bankerlang Kharmylliem and Ngamjahao Kipgen

2. Agricultural Practices and the Changing Pattern of Land Holding System from Pre-Colonial to Colonial Manipur – Moirangthem Monica Devi

3. Migration from North Eastern Region to Bangalore: Evidences from Census Data – Marchang Reimeingam

4. Effectiveness of Health Workforce and Manpower Deployment in Health Care Institutions in North-East India – Farhat Hossain

5. Plight of Truck Drivers at NH 37 during Economic Blockade in Manipur: A Grave Concern of Human Security – I. Yaipharemba

6. Extremist Upsurge in Bangladesh Politics – Rajendra Prasad Patel

Book Review

7. Hoineilhing Sitlhou, Deconstructing Colonial Ethnography: An Analysis of Missionary Writings on North East India, New Delhi: Ruby Press, 2017 – Ngamtinlun Touthang


Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2018

Research Papers

1. Shifting Paradigm: Politics of Transition in Karbi Anglong – Partha Pratim Baruah & Bikash Deka

2. Remains of the Past: History, Diary, and Collective Memory of the Battle of Kohima, 1944 – K B VeioPou

3. Distribution of Ethnic Groups in Manipur Hills – S. Thangboi Zou

4. The Kukis of Naga Hills: Rethinking Kuki-Naga Relations in Light of Kukis Contribution to the Early Naga Movement – David Hanneng

5. Naga Nationalism’s Dilemma over Meanings, Politics and Religion – Elija Chara

6. Farm Size and Agrarian Relations of Small Tea Growers (STGs) in North Bengal – Abdul Hannan

Volume 9

Vol. 9, No. 1, June 2019

Research Papers

1. Difficult Decolonization: Debates, Divisions, and Deaths Within the Naga Uprising, 1944-1963 – Jelle J.P. Wouters

2. Mobile Theatre of Assam: A Socio-Historical Perspective – Rituparna Patgiri

3. Status of Enrolment and Achievement in Higher Education in the Hill Areas of Manipur – Thenkhogin Haokip

4. Behavioural Health Risks Associated with Substance Use: Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Ethnic Population in Tripura – Benjamin Debbarma

5. Centennial Year of Kuki Rising, 1917-2017: Reflecting the past hundred years – Seilen Haokip


Vol. 9, No. 2, December 2019

Research Papers

1. Forest Ecosystem and Wellbeing: A Tribal Community in Transition – Chinmayi Sarma

2. Making of Bengali Literary Culture in the 18th Century: The Case of Cachar and Tripura – Tanima Dey

3. Traditional Healing Practices and Perspectives of Mental Health in Nagaland – Longkumer Ningsangrenla and PSS Rao

4. Marketing Indigenous Fruits of Meghalaya: Challenges and Opportunities – Manjuree Dkhar and PSS Rao

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