Behavioural Health Risks Associated with Substance Use: Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption among Ethnic Population in Tripura

By Benjamin Debbarma

Behavioural health risk is quite common amongst the male population of Tripura. Alcohol and tobacco use are highly correlated behaviours. The risk behaviours of tobacco and alcohol consumption and their socio-economic and cultural conditions often put risk for their poor health. One of the most common challenges that the state now faces is substance use disorder (addictions). This paper analyses the behavioral health risk of substance use among the Scheduled Tribes (STs) of the state as the prevalence of smoking and alcohol is high among them. The poor socio-economic condition suggests more with regards to high level of substance among the ethnic communities. Thus, tobacco and alcohol use remain higher among the STs. Lower socio-economic strata and vulnerable groups (STs) are predisposition to substance use (i.e. smoking and alcohol). Therefore, interventions to prevent substance use need to be targeted among ST population in the state.

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