A Critical Study of Teacher Education Programmes in Manipur

By Chirom Rebika Devi

The present study attempts to explore the development of teacher education in Manipur since independence, to study the present conditions and status of teacher education programmes with regard to pre-service, in-service, primary teacher education, secondary teacher education, to study the curriculum and its implementation in the Teacher Education Institutions with regard to physical facilities, teachers qualification, time-table, practice teaching, teaching method, evaluation and teacher’s professional attitude. It also explores the main problems of teacher education of elementary and secondary school teachers in the state and to make suggestions for the improvement of teacher education programme. The study is undertaken in one SCERT, five out of eight DIET and five B.Ed. colleges and of their teachers will constitute the sample of the study. For the study of the present conditions, status and problems the investigator adopted Normative-Survey Method of research by developing appropriate tools and techniques of data collection and visiting the institutions personally. An analysis and interpretation is made from the data collected through information sheets and questionnaire about the five B.Ed. colleges and five DIETs of teacher education in Manipur. Specific immediate measures needed to be taken up by the Government to remove the problems of teacher education and producing quality teachers to achieve qualitative improvement in education at any level in Manipur are suggested.

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