Across the Chicken Neck: Travel in Northeast India

By Kekhriesituo Yhome

Across the Chicken Neck is a book written by Nandita Haskar, a human rights lawyer and activist, someone who has an in-depth understanding of the Northeast India. In many occasions, she had represented the Northeast’s insurgent groups fighting against the Indian state for “self-determination”. In her previous writings, Haskar has critically voiced her opinion against the Indian state for the use of military power to suppress the movements in the Northeast. In her attempt to understand more about the Northeast, Haskar along with her husband, Sabestian Hongray decided to make a journey through the region, in their scorpio car. This book narrates the exciting, at times tiring, and sometime chilling experiences of the lone couple journey from Delhi traversing up and down the Eastern Himalayan mountains and back to Delhi.

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