Dimensions and Dynamics of Social Structure of the Pangals

By Mohd Shakil Ahmed

This article seeks to foreground the general parameter of the challenges facing the Muslim women in Manipur. Even in the democratic space enjoyed supposedly by individuals (and groups constituted on varied grounds), weak and disadvantageous individuals/sections continue to face extreme hardships, which are inimical to their full development as respectful citizens. In highlighting the parameter, the paper touches on the struggle Muslim women face in their effort to eke out a living. The complication of their problem is further compounded by the general attitude of the community toward their genuine economic and social issues. This article also looks at the theoretical premise or discourse being employed in the demand for affirmative policies for Muslim backward groups in the country. In looking broadly at these narratives, the paper seeks to highlight the need to reinvent the practice of identifying backwardness in the country which would help empower backward groups.

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