Vol. 5, No. 1, June 2015

Research Papers

1. Jangkhomang Guite, Remembering Second World War: Memory, Politics and Deception, pp. 1-11.

2. Anindita Sinha, Gender Bias in India’s North-Eastern Region: Its Manifestations, Causes and Consequences, pp. 12-29.

3. M. Romesh Singh, Problems of Insurgency: A Holistic Understanding from Manipur, India, pp. 30-38.

4. H. Thangtungnung, Ethnic History and Identity of the Zo Tribes in North East India, pp. 39-50.

5. Bulchong Lhungdim Hemkhomang, Majoritarian and Realigning Elections in Churachandpur District, Manipur: A Study of Singat Assembly Constituency in from 1972-2007 Assembly Elections, pp. 51-61.

6. Sanghamitra Sarma, Understanding the History of Development of Panchayati Raj in Assam through Assam Legislative Assembly Debates, 1947 – 1960, pp. 62-72.

7. Abhijit Mohanty, A study on implementation status of Forest Right Act, 2006 at the national and state levels and its recommendations, pp. 62-72.

Vol. 5, No. 2, December 2015

Research Papers

1. Marchang Reimeingam, Korean Media: A Catalyst of Acculturation to Korean Culture in Manipur, pp. 1-17.

2. Khumtiya Debbarma, Human Rights and Land Acquisition: A Case Study of North Joynagar Village in Tripura, pp. 18-31.

3. P. Thongkhanthang, Fertility Trends in North-East India, pp. 32-38.

4. Vanlalrema Kuki, Horticulture Based Livelihood in Truipura: A Case Study of Baramura-Deutamura Hill Dwellers, pp. 48-66.

5. Nikita Banati, In Search of Diverse Prospects of Existence in a New Conurbation, pp. 67-81.

Research Notes

6. Abhijit Mohanty, Notes on type of land ownership and indigenous agricultural methods of the Bondo Community, pp. 82-87.

7. Erica Kharsyntiew, Culture: A Barrier to Family Planning in the Khasi Society, pp. 88-92.

Book Review

8. Hoineilhing Sitlhou, Being a tribal man from the North-East: Migration, Morality and Masculinity by Duncan McDuie-Ra, pp. 93-95. © JNEIS

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