Vol. 7, No. 1, June 2017


The Legacy of Colonial Governmentality in Nagaland, pp. i-iii.

Research Papers

1. Leon Miller, Increasing Public Value in the Shillong Region of Meghalaya, pp. 1-15.

2. Johny Lalbiaklian, Spreading the Dreaded Virus: Social Dimension of HIV/AIDS in Churachandpur, Manipur, pp. 16-32.

3. Sukla Singha, Wari Leeba: The Declining Storytelling Tradition of the Meiteis of Manipur and Tripura, pp. 33-46.

4. Phrangstone Khongji, Ranking of districts in North East states of India by the use of Standard of Living Index using 2001 and 2011 census, pp. 47-58.

5. M. Kamlianlal Zou, Minorities in Japan and India: A Comparative Study of Ainu and Borok Tribals, pp. .

6. Ningmuanching, Converting the Nagas and Kukis: Missionary Representations, pp. 72-92.

7. Kshetrimayum Rabikan Singh, The Self Perceived Morbidity and its Determinants in North East India,pp. 93-114.

8. Neimenuo Kengurusie, Human Trafficking in North East India: Patterns and Emerging Trends, pp. 115-124.

9. Satya Bhushan & Santosh Kumar, Mathematics Achievement of Class V students: A study of North Eastern States, pp. 125-133.

Book Review

10. Jeemut Pratim Das, James C. Scott The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of Upland Southeast Asia, Yale University Press, 2009.pp. 134-138.

Vol. 7, No. 2, December 2017


Memories that always return, pp. i-iii.

Research Papers

1. Srijani Bhattacharjee Forest Conservation and Management Practices among the Ahom rulers of Pre-Colonial Assam: An Historical Assessment, pp. 1-17.

2. Nabanita Sharma Role of Women during the Anti-Foreigners’ Agitation in Assam 1979-1985, pp. 18-32.

3. Roli Misra Migration from Agricultural Land in Barpeta to Waste-land in Lucknow: A Struggle for Livelihood, pp. 33-45.

4. Ankita Dutta Role of the State and Traditional Institutions in Identity Formation: A Study of the Namghar in Assam, pp. 46-56.

5. Ruth Nengneilhing Food Culture, Nutritional Status and Health-Care Accessibility of the Kukis of Manipur, pp. 57-83.

6. Mirinchonme Mahongnao, Noklenyangla & Subhash Kumar Natural Resources and Socio-Economic Development in North East India, pp. 84-99.

7. [Book Review] Anup Das Hira Moni Deka, Politics of Identity and the Bodo Movement in Assam. New Delhi: Scholar World, 2014, pp. 100-101.

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