Vol. 8, No. 1, June 2018

Research Papers

1. Bankerlang Kharmylliem and Ngamjahao Kipgen, Urban water governance: Examining the role of traditional institutions in Shillong, Meghalaya, pp. 1-21.

2. Moirangthem Monica Devi, Agricultural Practices and the Changing Pattern of Land Holding System from Pre-Colonial to Colonial Manipur, pp. 22-39.

3. Marchang Reimeingam, Migration from North Eastern Region to Bangalore: Evidences from Census Data, pp. 40-56.

4. Farhat Hossain, Effectiveness of Health Workforce and Manpower Deployment in Health Care Institutions in North-East India, pp. 57-73.

5. I. Yaipharemba, Plight of Truck Drivers at NH 37 during Economic Blockade in Manipur: A Grave Concern of Human Security, pp. 74-87.

6. Rajendra Prasad Patel, Extremist Upsurge in Bangladesh Politics, pp. 88-99.

Book Review

7. Ngamtinlun Touthang, Hoineilhing Sitlhou, Deconstructing Colonial Ethnography: An Analysis of Missionary Writings on North East India, New Delhi: Ruby Press, 2017, pp. 100-104.

Vol. 8, No. 2, December 2018

1. Partha Pratim Baruah & Bikash Deka, Shifting Paradigm: Politics of Transition in Karbi Anglong, pp. 1-16.

2. K B VeioPouRemains of the Past: History, Diary, and Collective Memory of the Battle of Kohima, 1944, pp. 17-27.

3. S. Thangboi ZouDistribution of Ethnic Groups in Manipur Hills, pp. 28-43.

4. David Hanneng, The Kukis of Naga Hills: Rethinking Kuki-Naga Relations in Light of Kukis Contribution to the Early Naga Movement, pp. 44-63.

5. Elija Chara, Naga Nationalism’s Dilemma over Meanings, Politics and Religion, pp. 64-82.

6. Abdul Hannan, Farm Size and Agrarian Relations of Small Tea Growers (STGs) in North Bengal, pp. 83-97.

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