Significance of Kuki Uprising

By Paocha Gangte

As a part of introducing the subject, it will be appropriate to know why
the state of Manipur has been named as the ‘Home of the Braves’ and
here is a pen-picture of the same:
To the poet laureate of Manipur, it was –
Chingna kuoina panshaba;
Haona kuoina pan-ngakpa;
Manipur Sana Leimayol!

To the Imperial British Colonial Power, it was –
A Little paradise on Earth
And that must be colonised and preserved as keeps!
To the Invading Imperial Japanese Army, it was –
A Flower on the Lofty Height
That must be conquered for the sake of the
Advancement of Eastern Brotherhood!
To the Defending Allied Forces of WW II, it was –
A Strategically and Tactically vital place for
“A Springboard to Victory”, and therefore
Must be held at all cost and launch offensive
Against the Advancing Enemy!
To the Indian National Army of Subhas Chandra Bose, it was –
“A foot-hold that must be regained,”
And begin physical occupation of the land of Free-India, and must
therefore be recaptured as beach-head of Op Free India Campaign

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