Korean Wave and Korean Media Consumption in Manipur

By Marchang Reimeingam

The paper studies the Korean wave covering its origin, transnational characteristics, hybridity nature, style in twisting the original Korean look, threat to their original Korean culture and nature of flourishing business due to the wave. Despite of wide differences in the culture between Manipur and Korea there is a high tendency of diffusion of Korean culture through media in Manipur because of a significant level of Korean media consumption in it. Korean culture refers to the South Korean culture that is a blend of original Korean and modern western cultures. The study examines the process of Korean wave in Manipur as people contact through mass media exposure with the new dynamic culture that appears to be of greater attractive than their inherent culture. It examines the process in relation with their social, cultural, behavioural and psychological factors of the people of Manipur to Korean cultural orientation.

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