Hills Economy of Manipur: A Structural Change

By G. Hiamguanglung Gonmei

The structural shifts during the past decade in the economy of the hill areas of Manipur reveal a marginal growth in agriculture and manufacturing. The predominantly rural character of agriculture with low productivity and operating under conditions of rural life and isolation that cannot easily be penetrated by modern economic methods remains one of the fundamental challenges faced in the hill districts of Manipur. Lack of modern institution and infrastructure put them in a disadvantageous position when competing with domestic and export markets. Under such situations the people have little options for promoting basic economic activity. This paper attempts to highlights the nature of hills economy of Manipur by examining the NSDP and employment share in different sub-sectors. The study put forward the importance of agricultural development in the hills areas of Manipur by reviewing the poverty level. It also examines the existing land system and its impacts on the economy.

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