Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Academic Achievement Among High School Students in Nagaland

By Nouzhienini Peseyie and PSS Rao

Several studies in India and abroad have explored the link between emotional intelligence and academic achievements among adolescents. While most have reported significant associations, a few disagreed. Nagaland shows poor academic levels and deteriorating standards which could be attributed to low emotional intelligence despite rich culture. Hardly any studies published. This paper presents data from a major research done during 2019 among high school students in Nagaland determining the impact of emotional intelligence on academic achievements. Emotional intelligence was low but correlated significantly with academic performance based on a random sample survey of 911 adolescents, both boys and girls, in 9th and 10th grades from government and private schools using validated measuring tools and in depth qualitative studies. Findings comparing with similar studies done elsewhere reveal an urgent need for education and counseling of students,teachers and parents on emotional intelligence and how it could be enhanced to improve academic performances.

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