Economic Growth and Development in Mizoram: A Study
of Pre-Independence Era

By S Haukhanlian Mate

The economy of the Mizos in the early period has been an area of concern for many historians which still remains to be explored critically. In this paper, attempt has been made to present the Mizo economy in two period – Pre-Colonial period and Colonial Period. In the pre-colonial period, the Mizo economy was simple. Their economy was sustained by Jhum cultivation. Agriculture was their principal occupation. Besides agriculture, other ancillary activities like hunting, fishing, raids and wars, domestication of animals, hnatlang, cottage industries, etc. also played a very important part in their economy during that period. Jhuming continued to be the mainstay of the Mizo economy during the colonial period. However, trade and commerce was carried out by the Mizos with the neighbouring dwellers during this period. The idea of trade came into their minds with the establishment of bazaars in the border areas. The medium of exchange was still by ‘Barter System’. The chief commercial articles during the period are rubber, ivory, timber, bamboo, common salt, arms and ammunitions, tobacco, etc.

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