Volume 4

Vol. 4, No. 1, July 2014

1. National Rural Health Mission in Meghalaya: A Review of Past Performance and Future Directions – B.P. Sahu and Satish Kumar

2. Social Problems among the Adolescents of Manipur: Role of Parents and Teachers – Khangembam Indira

3. Economic Growth and Development in Mizoram: A Study of Pre-Independence Era – S. Haukhanlian Mate

4. The Status and Role of Women in Mizo Society – Janet C. Lalhmingpuii, Vijanti Namchoom

5. Ritual Festival for Appeasing Ancestral Gods: A Study of Kanglei Lai-haraoba Festival of Manipur – Nganbi Chanu

6. Educated Unemployment in Sikkim: An Outcome of Educational Development – Marchang Reimeingam

7. A Critical Study of Teacher Education Programmes in Manipur – Chirom Rebika Devi

8. Rural Infrastructure Development through Community based Social Organisation: A Case Study of the Awang Sekmai village in Manipur – Doreshor Khwairakpam, R. Shankar, Mahua Mukherjee

Book Review

9. Across the Chicken Neck: Travel in Northeast India – Kekhriesituo Yhome


Vol. 4, No. 2, December 2014

Research Papers

1. Mizo Entrepreneurs: Features and Prospects – Shailaja Sanghamitra Thakur

2. Korean Wave and Korean Media Consumption in Manipur – Marchang Reimeingam

3. Uncoordinated Paradigm of Housing in the Prime City of Northeast India – Purobi Sharma

4. Revisiting the Boi System of Lushai Hills – Lalhrilmoi Hrangchal

5.  Investments in Mining in Meghalaya: Surface and Subsoil Rights, Procedures and Regulatory Framework – Shabbeer Ahmed Shaik

6. Women Empowerment and Maternal Health Care Utilisation in North-East India – Mousumi Gogoi

7. Relevance of Community Policing in Manipur – Moirangmayum Sanjeev Singh

8. International Migration and Ethnicity: The Case of Nepalis in Northeast India – Lusome Raman


9. Political Tension and Violence in Western Assam During India’s 16th Lok Sabha Election, 2014 – Bhasker Pegu

10. Role of Chiefs and their Associations in the Electoral Politics of Manipur with Special Reference to Churachandpur District in the 2007 Assembly Election – Lhungdim Bulchong Hemkhomang

11. Dimensions and Dynamics of Social Structure of the Pangals – Mohd Shakil Ahmed


12. Traditional Marriage Customs in Tribal Himachal, NW Himalaya, India – Pankaj Sharma